This is the updated and extended version with all the Frequently Asked Questions that we collect from users’ feedbacks. Please read them all before contacting us at or mentors.

How do I comment on Nolt platform?

We suggest to first read carefully all the comments that already exist and like or upvote them. If your opinion has not been expressed by others, than create a new post.
In doing so, check the possible titles of other comments that appears to not create duplicates

Posts that may already contain your comment

Then in the end copy the URL link of the post you created

Then go back to the [Prob] thread you wanted to comment on, edit the comment and paste it there

How to find my ID number of Nolt?

There are many ways:
-in, search for the title of the post and copy the number or the entire URL (see the image above)
-in, search in the top center toolbar part of the text you wrote. Then look for it in the results (and share that in the appropriate channel you need), it’s somewhere in the #nolt-flow channel.

How do I mute “#mentors-…” channels on Slack?

To mute Slack channels, right click over it and select “Mute channel”

How to create a personal channel for my team?

Go on the “+” at right of “Channels” (see image above) and click “Create channel”.
Make sure to call it #proj- followed by your number of post assigned by Nolt! (e.g. #proj-26 if you are developing post

How to add people on my channel and make it private?

To add a member on your channel, go to the very beginning and choose “Add people”. Or you can click on the Icon near the number of participant and click “Add people” on the “Members” right column that appears.

To make it private, go to “… More” < “Additional options” and there chose the third option “Change to private channel” and “Change to Private” botton

How to browse existing channels?

You should be invited to join a specific channel, as it’s dedicated to a proper squad. However you can search on the top research bar for “Channel Browser”.