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The Open Innovation ideation board is powered by Nolt and is integrated with the famous Slack (click here to join the official channel). For any technical issue reach to us.

If you don’t have a solid existing project or squad, your roadmap would look like this:

The possible users journeys with or without the ideation platform
The possible users journeys

Table of Content:

How to use NewHopeU Nolt’s board

Example of searching function to find post of interest (Category, Searching teammates, Continent, etc.)
Example of a problem discussion thread on the ideation board
Example of a problem discussion thread
Example of a idea discussion thread, that can be iterated to deepen them
Example of an idea discussion thread (like it’s a room), that can be iterated to deepen them

The expected outcome is that in the board there will be a series of “[Prob]” posts, each with a narrowed real problem description/title, that have a few direct ideas (2 extremes as divergent visions and some shades between them). Each shade could have other shades and so on, until it becomes a relative simple&precise project idea to be concretized by some people that want to team up. In this way, there are 2-3 layers of specialized rooms, where a deeper discussion and a stronger connection can take place. Then the Status “Searching for teammates” can be activated.

How to use NewHopeU Nolt’s board

Whenever you need guidance, you can refer to #help Slack channel of your post. Please refresh often the webpage!

  • Upvote the posts that resonate with your personal viewpoint Nolt Upvote Function image;
  • Like Nolt Like Function icon or Comment (as follows!) in the threads you think you can add value:
    1. giving a viewpoint that has never been submitted yet;
    2. if they’re still searching for a team member, offer your help based on your skills that they need or ask;
    3. The comment, that can be always edited, should follow this structure: Your_comment_in_short (which derives from the creation of a new post; see below how to create it) to be iterated. This ensures to have a dedicated post (like “a discussion room” for that idea) to explain complementary ideas.
  • How to use the brainstorming and members searching platform

    The passages to brainstorm before discussions on the Slack channels

    How to interact with mentors and teammates

    How to comment and handle teams

    As this is a public and global platform, chaotic and endless chats are not allowed. Also for your privacy and for team strategy! That’s why the first part is done in Nolt! So the comments are allowed only to define few different viewpoints and to update the status of the project.

    ANY COORDINATION INSIDE A TEAM WILL BE IN SLACK or A PRIVATE THIRD PARTY CHAT SOFTWARE (like Telegram,, Discord). To make people aware of the software that each Team Leader decides, he will change its Bio with the invitation link of the third party software he prefer (so it can be changed or removed privately and discretely).

    Using our Slack channel, you can perform easily the steps needed to structure your project:

    • To receive help from mentors (FAQ#5), go to the related #mentors- challenge (e.g. #mentors-education, #mentors-mentalhealth, etc.) or share there which post you are referring to (sharing it from the #nolt-flow channel). You can mute the channels you are not interest in.
    • To talk privately about your project (FAQ#6), create a new channel (you can decide to make it private and invite there the mentor who is available to help you) and invite your team there. See mentors list in the pinned messages of each #mentors-[challenge] channel.

    Rules are:

    1. If a mentor is interested in taking your problem on, they’ll mark the post adding the reaction Slack add reaction :raised_hand: raised_hand + comment
    2. When the problem has been solved, please mark the post with :heavy_check_mark:  

    One of the following status should be set for your Slack profile: 

    • :house: :house_with_garden: for any paticipant
    • :eye: :eye: for Team Coordinator for who is responsible of a Nolt [Idea] post
    • ️️:heav_ heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation_mark_ornament:for any ️mentor (present on a pinned message)
    • :sunglasses: :sunglasses: for Challenge Lead (expert mentors)
    • :computer: :computer: for IT supporters
    • TM Organisers (HQ) is only for Giovanni Turri, Omid Gholamzadeh

    Useful Resources

    You can find resources about how to use al best those software, social entrepreneurship tips, impact analysis or business plan examples:

    Recruitment tips

    Here are some tips to attract talents and maintain them in your team:

    To recruit at best, you have to clarify the Profile you are looking for, the more specific as you can. We suggest to create a comment on your definitive [Idea] post focusing on:

    • Job description: express the amount of experience you think it’s required
    • Character traits: state if you think the candidate for that position requires to be particularly extrovert, know about negotiation or if the applicant can work “behind the scenes” if he prefers to be at self-peace
    • Skills: list if there are precise requirements of abilities that the candidate has to be comfortable with

    To be more effective, consider to add there those “advanced” tips:

    • Benefits: The added value you can offer them. Your vision or mission, why with you they can grow rapidly. Use your Storytelling skills 🙂
    • Leverage the Motivation: explain why they can increase their
      • Autonomy: they will be able to front all the challenges together
      • Mastery: they will grow transversely
      • Aim: their personal goal matches your mission

    FAQ – Frequently Answered Questions

    This is an extract from FAQ page. For any other question, reach out to us by email. A more detailed version will be expanded with community’s feedbacks. Please don’t hesitate!

    1. To change your bio (in order to publish a link you can hide or show at your will) go in the upper right corner (right to the Nolt Search Function icon on top right corner) where you see your profile (the first letter of your name or an image after you claimed your account). Than click on “Account Settings” on the popup under your name. Than edit the bio, like in the picture:
      Change Nolt Bio example image
    2. Search for other specific words by pressing the magnifying glass icon Nolt Search Function icon on top right corner at upper right of the page.
    3. If you want to embed the thread in an other bigger discussion, use the command Merge from the … “More options” menu at top, than choose the other post to link typing its name
    4. Father meaning: When post are merged, they are linked. If you find a post with the comment Nolt Merged Post icon, it means you are in the main thread. So please explore it with attention before commenting to not create duplicates. If you find “->Merged into “, you are in a sub-folder post, so there may be comments at a previous (father) level you can miss!
    5. To mute Slack channels, right click over it and select “Mute channel”
    6. To add a member on your channel, go to the very beginning and choose “Add people”. Or you can click on the Icon near the number of participant and click “Add people” on the “Members” right column that appears.