Here’re precious resources that can help you along the way:


“Don’t expect to figure out what’s best right away just by thinking about it, rather, think like a scientist testing a hypothesis. Keep focusing on exploration until you feel you’re getting a better sense of the best options.”

  1. Design your Personal business model, highlight your passions, goals and life objectives
  2. Find yourself out in the world. Bring your local vision, global. Think without borders, exponentially, and break down global misconceptions with data.
  3. Why and what social impact? What are SDG’s? In practice?


  1. What is an injustice? Where are you in this injustice?
  2. Deep analysis. Where are the root causes, and problem trees. Are you sure you are tackling the right problem in the right tree?
  3. Bring it global. How the problem changes around the world, what can you learn from that pattern?
  4. Curiosity-driven leadership. Fight asymmetric information, and break down.


  1. Together we create. Build dream teams
  2. Design thinking for change
  3. Potential obstacles, and opportunities
  4. SMART method;
  5. Additional resources are downloadable at

For the challenge Education: