Your personal journey during our event has mainly two big possibilities: create/grow a project or help the ones that are already present!

There are 2 major milestones as a participant:While there are 3 tier as a mentor:
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– The creation from scratch of your projectChallenge Lead, who moderates the general/specific problems of a topic room by providing insights, diving into the root causes and explore the existing solutions
– or the improvement of an existing one through finantial grants or mentorshipMentor Lead, who performs mentorship on a range of relevant aspects through 1to1, 1to many, or peer mentoring. You are making things happen on facilitating the design or improvement of a project.
Networking Lead, who provides a range of relevant contacts sharing part of the network for the benefit of the community/projects growth. This fostering collaborations, creating teams, and bringing global insights to our changemakers.

Both are involved in the creation of new solutions, especially for CoVid19 challenges! How?

Post a problem:

Participants will interact with each other on platform posting [Prob] posts and commenting there. Take an issue you care about, and post your problem description on the platform.

Post an idea: 

People will create [Idea] posts with their point of view and comment in the relative [Prob] post with a brief explanation followed by the link of the [Idea] post they created. For this reason, you should have posted an Idea first if you want to showcase that in other discussions!

How does global interaction happen? 

The next viewer of the same [Prob] post will see the previous comments and in this way he can decide to team up with specific ideas/teams. You can upvote that idea and comment with the formula “brief explanation + link”.

So research of posts of interest is like a tree, where in each leaf there is a group of people with the same vision, that can work together!

New participant can search which posts are “O Searching for teammates”.

Whenever, any author of a post can change the Mentorship flag of his post in “o Urgently need a mentor” to ask for help!

Joining the Ideation Board, based on Open Innovation, they work together to skyrocket any post!

Even if your project is already in place (somewhere in the web), you can use that platform to validate your idea both at a more local level or globally! Posts have Statuses and Geographic Tags attached to them, that can be used to be found and categorized better!

There is a certain degree of direct engagement. You can receive upvotes and comments on your posted idea. Thanks to those who hits Nolt Upvote Function image on your post, you can see who is interested. In the immediate terms, they can be the next collaborator, team member or helper. In the near future, they could be your clients or even backers on a crowdfunding!

Let’s jump in:

If you start from scratch but have huge motivation or you want to validate your existing projectIf you already have a project and want to receive help from us (in training or finance)If you love to help awesome activities to flourish as their guide
Find or post ideasApply to fundingBecome a mentor

Join our 1 week event!