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Open the ideation platform in the language that you prefer, but remember to write in English as much as possible!

Best practices:

  1. Please keep in mind not to spam or your post will be removed.
  2. We recommend reading the toolkit received via email to get the best out of this platform.
  3. Complete your profile as soon as possible to become a “pro” and gain points.
  4. Have fun changing the world 🙂
  5. Please refresh often the webpage!

TL;DR This 1 minute video is just as a reference. It’s based on our technical twin CrowdE!


Unleash your critical thinking and creativity to bring up problems, ideas, or solutions related to the pandemic we are living.
Describe each idea carefully, and get help from others.

If you want to discuss a project that is quite structured, you should create your own private group!

We have pre-selected some challenges, feel free to add more – there are no boundaries.


This is your opportunity to help others thrive as human beings.
Share resources that are relevant for personal development, mindset growth, various tool-kits, training opportunities, or general funding/competition opportunities.

Use the button “Blog” to better describe the resources and why those matter for creating social impact!

On our website we already have a set of tool-kits or resources that we recommended, have a look.


This is the chance to tell your story out there!
Make sure to include: where are you from, who are you, what you care about, what are you looking for, what is your biggest goal and how are you reaching it?
Include a call to action, how can others help you?

Inspire and be inspired, to create relationships that, if cultivated, will be long lasting and share impact that grows!

Read everyday advocacy posts, inspiring stories and get a sense of the world issues – community learning!


This is your opportunity to share resources that are relevant for managing projects, boost productivity, hack some skills, training opportunities, or general software you use. 

Use the button “Blog” to better describe the resources and why those matter for creating social impact!

On our website we already have a set of software, apps, or resources that we recommended, have a look.


This portal permits to share tips and pitfalls so that any other project goes smoother that the precedent attempts of similar ones.

Here anyone can share a story of failure, success or test!

Please use the “Blog” type of post.

Ideas or Problem PHASES:

There are 5 stages for both Ideas and Problems, based on the number of people involved or aware of that.

Please assign your post to the relevant only if allowed by a moderator, as only them should determine the maturity level.

Idea Phases: Concept; Few Validations; Prototype; Pilot launch; Growth.
Problem Phases: Perceived Problem; Few Awareness; Externally Validated; Largely Diffused; Systemic Issue.


You identified a personal and individual challenge, but you realized it can be applied to a community or even globally.
Bring up new insights, ideas and projects that tackle a collective problem like:

  • creation of smart and resilient cities
  • education access in rural areas and quality skill up programs
  • responsible tourism
  • Clean water and sanitation
  • advocacy

And all the issues related to the SDG’s, learn more about them in our resources.

Create a private group of your project if you want to discuss further a well-structured concept with a team.


The pandemic is more than a public health problem.
Inequalities worldwide are widening, and there are a range of socio-economic and environmental consequences that must be tackled. 

Purposes of GROUPS

Only “Welcome on NewHopeU” and “Skillmarket” are the ones you’re automatically added and where you should present yourself.
You can see posts of all the others, join only if you need to be notified but please follow the rules to make the experience cool for you and everyone else.


You just joined the NewHopeU community, where people and projects thrive daily!

This is your space to introduce yourself briefly. Tell who you are, why you joined, what is your project or skill superpower,  and what is the change you want to see. Basically share your Vision, you may recall our first knowledge materials.

Enjoy the feeds and move to other topics or groups in our platform, this is just the start – you can network in the “networking channel”.


Engaged teams need to also have hard skills to be truly successful. Here you can filter users’ detailed skills list, so you can look for who may suit your skills gap.

This is the ideal place for “head hunters” or who want to pick up manually new teammates and want to make confrontations.
Are you a “skill proposer” – make sure you are specific, and indicate the areas of expertise or desired field of work that matches your purpose.


The group dedicated to job announcements for your startup. 

“Rare skills” is the tag for very specific requests that have to be described on the post (e.g. legal expert about family owned businesses; eLearning website developer; fundraiser for women empowerment projects).

Only one chosen team member (e.g. the founder or the HR responsible) can post here, any other participant can comment if wants to express interest for the proposed position.
Any non-job related post will be deleted.


This is a show-room where the hardest systemic issues or the best growing solutions can become an inspirational and rapid model to guide your projects to the next step, mainly in another geographical region.

Get high quality news from the NewHopeU Team about trending global issues that should receive a highlight, and social entrepreneurs that are efficiently tackling them.

Only admins can post here, any other participant MUST have their permissions, otherwise each other post will be removed.
After some warning, the user can risk the ban.


We aim to be a global community, however we also want to localize resources, changemakers, and solutions by regions – to create stronger collaborations.

This is the place for you to network, collaborate, learn, share and develop with changemakers coming ONLY  from your continent. 

That’s also the place to share reports, data and insights of the local SDG’s achievements, or life-changing initiatives.

Hold on, that’s only the start – the magic happens when different continents meet, and discuss/work on SDG’s achievement. Stay tuned!


Usability Functionalities

Example of searching function to find post of interest (Topic, Users, Continent, Groups, etc.)
Example of a problem discussion thread
Example of an idea discussion thread (like it’s a room), that can be iterated to deepen them
Clicking one of the Highlighted Topics you can filter the posts that are displayed!

The expected outcome is that in the board there will be a series of “[Prob]” posts, each with a narrowed real problem description/title, that have a few direct ideas as answers.
Like 2 divergent visions and some shades between them!
Each “conceptual shade” could have other shades and so on, until it becomes a relative simple&precise project idea to be concretized by some people that want to team up.
In this way, there are 2-3 layers of “specialized rooms”, where a deeper discussion and a stronger connection can take place.

Recruitment tips

Here are some tips to attract talents and maintain them in your team:

To recruit at best, you have to clarify the Profile you are looking for, the more specific as you can. We suggest to create a comment on your definitive [Idea] post focusing on:

  • Job description: express the amount of experience you think it’s required
  • Character traits: state if you think the candidate for that position requires to be particularly extrovert, know about negotiation or if the applicant can work “behind the scenes” if he prefers to be at self-peace
  • Skills: list if there are precise requirements of abilities that the candidate has to be comfortable with

To be more effective, consider to add there those “advanced” tips:

  • Benefits: The added value you can offer them. Your vision or mission, why with you they can grow rapidly. Use your Storytelling skills 🙂
  • Leverage the Motivation: explain why they can increase their
    • Autonomy: they will be able to front all the challenges together
    • Mastery: they will grow transversely
    • Aim: their personal goal matches your mission

FAQ – Frequently Answered Questions

This is an extract from FAQ page. For any other question, reach out to us by email. A more detailed version will be expanded with community’s feedbacks. Please don’t hesitate!

The possible users journeys with or without the ideation platform
The possible users journeys