You may want to be inspired by a societal issue that affects who is around you (or maybe yourself) and be active towards it’s addressing.

That’s why NewHopeU community wants to be a companion in your new path to justice!

Providing you with deeper knowledge or video trainings to enter the perspective of the huge positive impact that a Social Enterprise can have would not be enough to make you part of the change in your selected target.

So many young injustices advocates like you are exploring and brainstorming solutions together, in a global Tribe, so actionable models can widespread, be improved and be applied with minimum refinements on any local context!

How they do that?

They start from discussions (Ideas) around a topic they are experiencing, identifying problems through many questions and iterate until a pull of comments turns on the light in the eyes of a group of them.

So in team, they join a virtual room and discuss further, return to the main Tribe for much more specific questions or skill hunting and then reach out to present their work to the crowd.

With the approvals and last tips, they’re ready to test the model in the injustice reality they’re targeting and verify if it works.

In the meanwhile, other groups are following their journey and try their model in other context, exchanging the tips of their success.
Cooperation and sharing are the key for a more uniform growth!

How can your journey begin and be united to their?

Check the tutorial of the platform, you can read as a reference.

Infallible Startup Model

NewHopeU perspective

Look for the posts on each category of type “[Prob] Question” on the main feed or inside each country Find Real World Issues on Newhopeu platform, to be able to filter them from the “Highlighted Topics”

  • If you want to manifest something that challenge you, you can insert this on “Problem Phase 1 – Perceived Problem” where other people of the community express their pains and look for approvals (with a like) or comments, to know who else feel that;
  • If you have an already validated problem, you can directly post it on “Externally Validated” Phase, to increase the awareness of that issue (that already have some researches done that you can share) and become the root of one or more ideas to solve it (that you can then post on Idea Phase 1 or 2;
  • Once [Prob]lem posts have some interactions, that is a first validation! You can reach out with direct messages to how engage with your post if you need more data for a first survey or target analisys! So this increase dramatically the Market Need, first key step to success!

It’s all about focusing on the right problem

It’s the first step and the main factor that induce failure of each unsuccessful startup.

CB Insights results

As you can see, the Product-Market fit (no market need) is always the mayor factor, due not to a bad product but a lack of exigence of it.

Other times, it’s also affected by a bad synergy of the team working on it. Motivation, lack of skills and funding issues are key factors there.

We hope you feel inspired to take action on joining or funding a new social enterprise, starting from a project you feel inspired by or propose to us all!